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mysore palace

Mysore palace is one of the most famous tourist attraction in Karnataka. This historically famous palace also has many interesting facts about its. Though this palace was incepted in the 14th century, but due to natural calamities it was reconstructed and restored in 1638. however, due to negligence it dilapidated and was demolished in 1793 and a new palace was built which too came down in the year 1897 due to fire. Work again started and the structure that we found today was constructed in the year 1912. this palace has always been ruled by the Woodeyar dynasty.

The exterior of the Palace has Indo-Saracenic features with a series of domes and arches. The building is 245 feet in length and 156ft in breadth and the gold-plated dome at the centre is about 145 feet from the ground. This three storeyed structure has beautifully designed square towers at various cardinal points covered by domes, some of them of ochre colour. Many varieties of stones like granite, gneiss and trap of dark grey and ochre colours have been used. Craftsmen from Jaipur and Agra along with local workers were engaged for crafting them.

Exquisitely carved doors open into stunningly luxurious rooms. The front of the palace has an open balcony supported by massive circular columns. The interior of the palace, especially the Durbar Hall is richly decorated. Replete with ornate ceilings, intricately carved massive doors, gleaming floors, frescoes depicting scenes from the epics Ramayana and the Mahabharatha, the entire scene exudes royal splendour.