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sanchi stupa

The Sanchi Stupa, the most famed of all the monuments here, was originally built by the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka. Though Sanchi is not directly to the life of Lord Buddha, it is associated to Buddhism. The place is more related to King Ashoka than to Lord Buddha. Ashoka built the first Stupa and put up many pillars here. The famous Ashokan iron pillar, with four lions standing back to back, has been endorsed as the national emblem of India.

Sanchi embraced Buddhism, which replaced the pre dominant Hinduism. But, in due course of time, slowly both the Stupas and the place were abandoned. It was during 1818, when Sanchi was refound and gradually historical and the religious importance of the place was recognized. Restoration work of the Stupas started in 1881 and finally between 1912 and 1919 these were attentively reformed and restored. It was accepted that the structure at Sanchi were the most organised construction which went into the engineering of temples in the medieval era. The carvings of the place are done with the correctness of Jewellers.