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st. paul's cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral in Kolkata is one of the most important religious places of Kolkata. The church took a much longer time to be completed. After about 8 years of construction the building was finally finished in 1847. The building architecture of St. Paul's Cathedral in Kolkata was magnificently designed by Major William Nairn Forbes. He took the assistance of another architect named CK Robinson. The architecture is unique in its style. People who come all across the globe and have a glance of the church get astonished at its beauty.

The tower and spire of St. Paul's Cathedral in Kolkata are mostly the results of the inspiration that the architects got from the Norwich Cathedral. Unfortunately there was a massive earthquake in 1934. The calamity affected the then Kolkata very mercilessly. St. Paul's Cathedral of Kolkata was no exception to the others. It could not resist the tremor and its tower got crashed. However, the tower could be rebuilt following the lines of Bell Harry at Canterbury.