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Sun Temple built during 1238 and 1264 AD, the temple fell upon bad times during the 17th century after being profaned by an envoy of the Mughal emperor Jahangir. The temple is now in a state of desertion. Its wheels and horses as they draw the chariot also symbolise the passage of time. Exquisite carvings, beautifully carved sculptures, bas reliefs and thousands of images render the Sun Temple of Konark a much desirable destination to visit.

A chariot with 24 wheels and 7 horses carrying Surya, the Sun god, to Heavens! Yes, that's what the giant structure of the Konark Temple depicts. Raja Narasimhadeva, after a military victory, decided upon erecting such a gigantic edifice. Since, the ruler was a worshipper of the Sun god, the temple was made to stand in dedication of Surya, the Sun god. The word Konark is a combination of two words - Kona (corner) and Arka (Sun). Konark had the distinction of being one of the earliest centres for worshipping Sun god. The antiquity of the temple may be proved by the fact that it has references in the Puranas as Mundira or Mundirasvamin that was later replaced by Konaditya or Konarka.